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SEVIERVILLE, TN – Local decorative concrete contracting company, TNT Shield, is pleased to announce another successful concrete coatings project. The team offers several different concrete floor overlay systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Recently, TNT Shield completed a Rustic Concrete Wood project for a newly-constructed residential barn in Sevierville, TN. The homeowner initially contacted TNT Shield about their new home, expressing interest in a metallic marble look for their flooring. After a thorough consultation with the TNT Shield team to discuss the use of the space and different options, they ultimately decided on a Rustic Wood Barn look that complemented their living space.

The newly applied Rustic Concrete Wood floor provided the barn with the look of real hardwood flooring, but with unparalleled durability and longevity. The application process is much more efficient than traditional wood flooring, and it is also easy to maintain. The Rustic Concrete Wood floor has already proven to be a popular choice for clients who want low-maintenance flooring that will last a long time.

“We are thrilled to add this unique Rustic Concrete Wood floor to our line of services,” said Nick Nichols, owner of TNT Shield. “Our team provided the homeowner with a durable and visually stunning flooring option that surpassed their expectations. We’re excited to apply this service to future client projects and offer this innovative new option to our clients.”

The Rustic Concrete Wood floor application has not been without its challenges, however. During the clear epoxy application, a cold snap resulted in extended curing times, and the floor was not a completely flat pour, which made spreading the epoxy evenly and preventing thick areas in the top coat a challenge. Nevertheless, TNT Shield overcame these challenges, which resulted in a beautifully finished flooring project that the clients love.

TNT Shield is known for providing high-quality and reliable decorative concrete solutions to its clients. Their Rustic Concrete Wood flooring is an innovative new application that is available for commercial or residential projects of any size.

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